Berggold on tour : a throwback at the fairs to the beginning of the year



Berggold only sweets manufacturer in Thuringia

For the fourth year in a row the state Thuringia, under the management of the Thuringian Ministry for infrastructure and agriculture, relies on a joint appearance of the Thuringian Food Economy and the representation of the Thuringian Counties and Tourismareas.In Hall 20 the almost 400.000 visitors could get culinary faczinated by the huge variety of Thuringia. Berggold was the only sweets manufacturer of Thuringia in the hall. The visitors could safe products on more than 12 qm salesarea like the classics jelly banana and brandy chocolates but also the new products like cookie chocolates banana & peanuts or orange and rum-nut -and cherry-liquer-chocolates in the old nostalcig design.Especially the interessting conversations with longterm and faith but also new won customers are, besides the selling of sweets, the focus of the fair participation.Direct feedback to the new products or conversations about the long berggold history are only two out of much more themes, where the customers are interested in. After 10 days we are looking back on a totally satisfiing result and we are looking forward to next year, when the gates of the IGW are open again at the 19.01. - 28.01.2018.




Heinerle/Berggold presented fruity innovations at the ISM in Cologne


At this years international fair of sweets in Cologne (ISM 29.01.2017 - 01.02.2017) the chocolate factory Berggold GmbH presented again a huge range of sweets like jelly, confect and chocolates.

The focus was on the fruity innovation strawberry jelly and strawberry confect, which are made of natural flavours and without animally sourced ingredients and therefore suitable for vegetarians. Thin sugar coated strawberry jelly with 11% strawberry juice and the creamy strawberry confect with freezedried strawberry pieces coated with finest dark chocolate guarantee a pleasure of the special kind.


Another innovation are the fruity-sweet-berry-jelly with the flavour of raspberry and black currant. Which are only made of natural colourings and flavours and therefore suitable for vegetarians and glutenfree as well.

BERGGOLD presented three innovations for the spring -and summermonths. The chocolate range was also shining in a completely new outfit. To start with the stronger accentuated brand sheet with a clearer logo in the centrum and a better varieties differentation by a colourful variance, till the new structuring of the committed ingredients -and nutrition values informations, the complete range ( including the summer chocolates ) was optically refreshed. 


The innovations are available in our SHOP in spring for a limited time.

140 years of BERGGOLD


The company thanks its loyal customers with a special edition of jelly bananas, wrapped into the historic "Jungle design". Furthermore, two editions of nostalgic pralines are offered to our traditional customers. In addition there will be so-called Cookie Chocolates in a modern retro look for our young consumers (with tastes of Banana Peanut and Orange)

This jubilee products were marketed during a large road show in spring. For Berggold online marketing plays an increasingly important role.

On 05 June 2016 Berggold is celebrating a big family festival. Among other things, the company also offers a view into a part of the production.

Since the foundation of the company by Robert Berger in 1876 there has been an interesting development. More than 35 million euros were invested into the company's future.

Reopening the companys exhibition


After more than 2 months of construction and the sighting of hundreds of pages of historical archive material, the  completely redesigned exhibition was opened in a ceremony on 31.05.2016.

In cooperation with the high school students Sistine, Julia, Marius and Emma (image V.L.) the team of Beggold redesigned 5 rooms.

Various showcases display historical packages, cans and promotional materials from the beginning of the company's history.

Interesting films about the company's history, the production of Berggold Jelly Bananas and the production of cocoa beans to chocolate will also be shown there.

Visits including an explanatory guide can be arranged from Monday to Friday for groups of 6 people. admission per person: 1,00 €.

Some samples of the freshly manufactured products can be tasted too.

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