As well as fair prices and adherence to agreed delivery dates, the quality of our products has priority in our company objectives. The company quality policy has the following principles:


Customer orientation

There is consultation with the customer even before the stage of tendering and orders. We offer great processing flexibility. We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. Adherence to the desired delivery dates is very important for us.


Quality as a management task

The company management is responsible for the realisation of product quality. The achievement of the quality objectives is attained by appointing a Quality representative, and is ensured by the regular evaluation of the Quality Management system.


Independence of Quality Control

Quality Control has an independent position within the organisation of the company. In all of his decisions, the Quality Management representative is subject only to consideration of quality, whilst also taking financial considerations into account.


Integration of all company functions

From the arrival of the job to the production chain and all the way to dispatching, every employee contributes to the manufacture and the delivery of a quality product. Processes are subject to constant improvement.


Relationships with suppliers

The ability of our organisation and our suppliers to develop a sound work ethic is increased through our partnership, to the benefit of both parties.


Employee orientation

We focus on avoidance of errors and assessment of one's own work. The corresponding training and instruction for our staff are required for this. Our co-operative style of leadership motivates our employees to take on more independent responsibility and become more involved, which is designed to increase staff satisfaction.


Progress and tradition

We desire to continue the tradition heritage of our firm (Berggold chocolate has always been something special) and develop it further. The development of new products and the application of modern technology will allow us to reach further customers. Selective public relations work will contribute towards this.


Ecology and the environment

We only work with suppliers who guarantee that the raw materials and packaging materials are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly.


In our 140-year tradition, the company has specialized in producing high quality specialty chocolates with alcohol and praline fillings and jellies on agar base with chocolate or sugar crystals.

We manufacture under the different brands:

  • BERGGOLD - Chocolates and jellies specialties
  • Heinerle - children items, like chocolate lolly and crisped rice, baby bottles with sugar pearls
  • Private label

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