As part of our corporate duty of care, in this Declaration of Principles we define and describe our Quality policy as it relates to the satisfaction of our customers and the continual improvement of the quality of our products. The Declaration of Principles of Quality Policy by the Board of Management serves the purpose of manufacturing a top quality, safe product with a reproducible standard of quality, thus ensuring our customers? satisfaction.
All the organisational, commercial and technical matters which influence product quality have to be planned, managed during the process and monitored by Quality Control. Moreover, the product manufacturing processes are subject to the provisions of the Food Hygiene Regulations dated 5th August 1997 in conjunction with Guideline 93/43/EWG dated 14th June 1993 regarding food hygiene. In order to implement the Quality policy, objectives and strategies we are required to continually and systematically develope our Quality Management system further.

Corporate aims within the scope of our Quality policy:

- Satisfied customers
  • reducing the number of complaints to below the level
  • of the previous year
  • compliance with performance schedules of at
  • least 95 %
- Raising the quality standard by
  • extending the supplier appraisal system
  • increasing the number of supplier audits which are carried out
  • making investments in order to improve the manufacturing process (see investment plan)
  • raising the level of responsibility for the products taken by our employees by motivating and training them
  • improving results by reducing the amount of waste
- Improving employee satisfaction
- 100 % implementation of all measures relating to hygiene standards

All employees are urged by the Management to carry out their work and take responsibility in accordance with this Declaration of Principles. Every employee is responsible for the quality of his/her work him-/herself as part of his role. Any factors which prevent this must be eliminated.
There is ongoing analysis of the Quality Management and the processes are adapted according to the latest findings. A Quality Assurance Manager is appointed within the company.


The company Heinerle-Berggold Schokoladen GmbH located in Poessneck/Thuringia has passed the certificiation of the International Featured Standard Food (IFS Food Version 6) on higher level for the 15th time in a row.

The fulfillment of international standards for food safety and product quality is the result of a consistent quality policy.

The "IFS Higher Level" certificate is a confirmation of our work throughout the company and at the same time justifies our claim to achieve this in the following year. "We are proud of this result, but we are not resting on it." Heinerle-Berggold has stood for high quality delicacies for more than 140 years and we are committed to this tradition in the long term, "emphasizes Elvira Ortlepp, Managing Director of BERGGOLD.


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